Toy Review: Suspend Junior Family Game

The Suspend Junior Family Game is a fun family game by premium toys brand, Melissa and Doug. Easy to set up the fame (wooden base, 4 frame rods, wooden connector, white game rod) and easy to play (spin the coloured spinner, suspend 1 out of the 24 coloured pieces to form a hanging structure). Winner will be the first to use up his / her coloured pieces while the game would end if the structure falls.

Ma Ma and the 3 kids had an enjoyable time playing this exciting balance game together.    A great family game for 1 – 4 players, even for young players like 2.5 years old Skyler.  The coloured pieces made of light plastic are safe for the young, playful kids.

Learning involves colour recognition for Skyler (when distributing the coloured pieces, “reading” the spinner and picking out the correct piece to hang); how the length of coloured pieces affect the way they hang them; looking for the most stable part of the pieces; balancing the pieces on more than one point if needed, and counterbalancing the tipping structure to prevent toppling over.

The kids develop hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills and interpersonal skills while having loads of fun and interactions (cheering for each other, helping the opponent to find a feasible way or spot to hang, or hoping the opponents topple the structure) during this thrilling game.

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SureClean HFMD Cleaning Services

HFMD is every parent’s nightmare and definitely something we do not welcome in the household.

Mummies have been raving about Sureclean’s services and we decided to check it and share what they had done!

What we’ve done!
• Sureclean HFMD Cleaning Service for our 3 bedrooms and 1 study
• HFMD Cleaning for 3 buckets of toys
• Mattress Sanitisation for three mattress and…
• The Titanclean disinfection period which supposedly provides a 365 day protection for the whole house!

It’s always a challenge when the kids fall sick. With the three kids in school and different childcare centres, we are always fearful of the germs which they bring home or if they cross infect each other. Hence we are always want to have a clean home to prevent the spread of any germs and bacteria at home.

Had always wanted to do this major packing and cleaning because the helper is away looking after the sick Ah Ma, and having to juggle between household chores and looking after 3 kids is a challenge!

They are truly a commendable team of staff who were very professional in their job, patiently explaining to us the procedures and chemicals used, answering our questions tirelessly and putting in the extra effort to manage the unexpected mess.

Nothing was left unturned. From scrubbing on tough stains, vacuuming every nook and cranny from fans, lights, walls, cupboards, doors to packing and arranging the stuff on cluttered floors before another round of vacuuming and a last round of mopping.

And after all the cleaning… the final verdict of all the dust in the house and on the mattresses. THUMBS UP FOR THE ABOSLUTELY THOROUGH JOB!

(Can you believe that’s the amount of dead skin cells and dust mites collected just from vacuuming the mattress? Yikes! Never thought that I was sleeping with all those!)

The Titan365 protection is really neat! Apparently, they spray a coating of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) which has a unique photocatalytic property that eliminates up to 99.99% of virus, bacteria, mould and fungus when exposed to light! This is a definitely must have so that parents will have less need to fear germs!

Alternatively parents can opt for the 30 days Child-safe Anti bacterial disinfection Service! This comes complimentary with the HFMD Cleaning service!

In conclusion, the whole experience with Sureclean’s services was extremely pleasant. Kudos to the fact that their professionalism to get everything done right, going above and beyond to make sure that the house is clean thoroughly.

As for the Titan365 protection from HFMD, it definitely gives every family a sense of assurance. To watch how they sterilised everything they seen during the HFMD cleaning for the toys was enough to give any parent a peace of mind.

Mummies who are interested in the HFMD Cleaning Service can check out their website

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Let’s be sure of our homes with Sureclean!

Photo with the Sureclean Team! (*Oops my blue tee looks like theirs hor?)

Toy Review: Da Vinci Rolling Timer

Sharilyn reviewed this Da Vinci Rolling Timer on Wed 21 November 2018.

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The Da Vinci Rolling Timer uses the principles of gravity and kinetics to measure the passage of time. No glue, no paint, no batteries, this Hobby Model Kit employs precision gears to power a platform in a "see-saw" pattern that propels a rolling ball, to exhibit concepts relating to the laws of motion. #sharilyngui (11yo, product for 14+ yo) spent about 2 hours to complete the assembly from scratch, with advice and help occasionally. Very clear instructions were given, including pictures of the actual length of shafts, for you to measure the actual shaft against, to ensure that the right piece is used at the right juncture. She found it fascinating that the pieces can be joined and held in place just by inserting the plastic pieces and turning them through 90°, or clicking them in place with the well-fitted "holes and sticks". Spent some time exploring the gears too, and coming up with her observations and conclusions, after they were assembled together in the first few steps. Briefly explained the scientific concepts to her. The completed Rolling Timer drew the attention of a group of primary school kids who were having a birthday gathering at the Function Room inside the Lounge as well. Their parents tried to explain to them as well, based on what they read from the box lying beside it. #davinci #rolling #timer #modelkit #scienceconcepts #scientific #educational #gamehobby #gears #productreview #toyreview #sgmommyblogger #sgmummyblogger #primaryschoolkids #sgkids @wingbe11

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